Leadership Brief

How Top Channel Managers Drive Peak Channel Performance

Leaders. Their mission is to optimize, create vision, be the catalyst for change, and to knock down big numbers. In the channel, it’s no different as a leader, but it’s more complicated. You need to optimize your revenue, your people, and your systems – times two !

The best resources we have to achieve optimization are the people we have in our organizations. And, accelerating a channel requires brilliant execution across the entire “value chain” – from vendor through partner readiness. Combining your people with the processes and systems will create an optimal environment for growth. It’s that simple.


Up until now that is.


dec7ca9a-channeleqstacked_03z03z03z03z000000There has been a seismic shift in the way workers, and specifically channel personnel, have been engaging their partners. New generations entering the workforce, the proliferation of communication options (think Twitter, Texting, etc.), and changing communication styles are part of the change. The prognosis is bleak unless channel leaders start implementing enablement that alters the course.

In the hyper-competitive marketplace dominated by disruptive change, twenty-first-century channel managers face unprecedented challenges. To reach peak performance they must adapt to a new set of rules and change their approach with partners.

Download the brief from our friends at ChannelEQ and learn how Top Channel Managers Drive Peak Channel Performance.