ChannelEyes Salesforce Tour 2016

Salesforce World Tour New York 2016: An Interview With CEO Jay McBain

ChannelEyes CEO Jay McBain knows a thing or two about how the channel works. Having worked in the industry some 22 years, you’d be hard-pressed to introduce him to something or someone involving the Salesforce world that he didn’t know or wasn’t familiar with. However, on May 25th at the Salesforce World Tour 2016 in New York City, an event with over 5,000 attendees and celebrity speakers, it was just the opposite.

“I didn’t recognize anyone,” Jay said. “I go to 20 trade shows a year in the traditional IT and Telecom channel. I’m great with faces. But I didn’t remember one of them.”

This, as Jay explained, was because of the changing nature of Salesforce.

“Salesforce has rebranded itself as a ‘customer-first company’” he explained. “No CEO would disagree with [Salesforce] branding itself as a customer-first company, but they’ve built a platform that works at a business level.”

To put this in other words: What works for one person doesn’t necessarily wind up working for the other.

This means with great technological achievements comes great rewards and penalties. McBain best summarized it this way: About a decade ago, 20% of all companies’ technological decisions were made without their CIO (Chief Information Officer). Two years ago, 51% of all tech decisions started being made without the CIO’s input. Now, it’s 72%. Gartner Group has predicted that it will be 90% in four years time. While this rapid influx of choice and opportunity means companies not only have the ability to pick and choose what benefits their business model more freely from a technological standpoint, it also means they have to adapt as quickly as the technology does. And that can be a daunting task.

IBM, HP, Microsoft are all companies that were built around the IT industry (selling software/hardware in the traditional way). They built up thousands of partnerships per region, using tried and true methods. While that’s beneficial in it’s own right, it still lacks the correct analytical data to help save time and be more productive. Aspects like security, networking, disaster recovery and maintenance are all very important in the IT world, but they’re not important to a line of business executive. Their main concern, as Jay explained, was concentrating on the aspects of their job that “didn’t get them fired.”

“I saw consultants and integration specialists who were hyper focused. They never defined themselves for all things at any one time. Their focus was so narrow that they told you what sub-industry they were a part of, they’d tell you what geography they specialized in, what sector and size of business they specialized in, the technology and business problems they solved. Their crosshairs were so deep and hyper focused that they appealed to lines of business models. The world has shifted from specialists to hyper focused specialists. They’re almost surgical in terms of their focus and precision.” McBain said.

The Salesforce World Tour was full of unique insights into a myriad of new ideas, technologies and business models but McBain’s product (OPTYX) helped him stand out from the crowd by offering Channel Account Managers and Executives an original and exciting new tool with which to work.

“I was told by several individuals that our product presented a horizontal opportunity across all industries,” McBain declared. “That’s 27 industries, all with their unique business models, able to work with our OPTYX system.”

OPTYX seamlessly works with Salesforce to provide up to date information about all analytical data a business provides and giving them a predictive model on important issues. That means business trends, Channel Account Manager overviews, health scores and much more are available right at their fingertips, tailor made for them, anywhere.

“It was the first product people heard of that solved important issues regarding indirect sales,” McBain said. And when you factor in its certification from Salesforce (and its inclusion on the Salesforce app exchange), you can already see how ChannelEyes are putting themselves on the technological and Channel Sales map.

So see if OPTYX is right for you! Check out our website at:”optyx and schedule a demo today.