Introducing the first productivity tool built for indirect partner sales.

OPTYX brings together the most important information about your partners and then uses data science to produce insights and visibility you can act on. As the first of its kind productivity tool for channel managers, OPTYX makes it possible to engage with channel partners in more productive and meaningful ways.

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Focus on what matters

From partner scorecards to an account manager leaderboard, we help bring your most important indirect sales data into one place.  With predictive analytics and data science at its’ core, OPTYX out of the box is setup to help executives manage overall channel health and for account managers to focus on deals and partners that matter most.

Seamlessly apply predictive analytics to forecasting

Better manage your channel with real-time sales forecasts. Whether you’re a channel manager looking for improved insights and visibility about your partners or a channel executive looking to accurately determine who your “rising-star” CAMs are – start focusing on things that matter most.

Free Ebook: Becoming A Predictive Channel Sales Organization

A guide by ChannelEyes


Free Ebook: Becoming A Predictive Channel Sales Organization

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The channel’s first sales productivity tool

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that pulled together all of your hard work to get channel data, and then produced something meaningful that actually made your life easier? Well, now there is. OPTYX, the channel’s first productivity solution, pulls in relevant channel data from hundreds of sources and then turns it into actionable tasks and to do’s designed to make every channel account manager more focused on what matters most to be successful.

Stop wasting time, start making more deals

Our own research shows that nearly 20% of a channel account manager’s time is wasted pulling together data and trying to make the best use of it. OPTYX not only gets back this lost time, but also helps CAMs focus and be more productive each day.

See what OPTYX can do for you

In my experience, whenever channel account managers engaged with our partners at the right time, our opportunity win rates increased significantly.


Ted Cole
Channel Chief & Founder,
Twelve Leadership
Consulting LLC