ChannelEyes – Introducing OPTYX – June 2016

Learn Why Indirect Channel Organizations Are Using Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is changing how channel professionals are managing and growing their indirect sales organizations. It has moved past the early adopter stage and is becoming mainstream for many of the top channel and alliance programs around the world. In fact, 86% of organizations utilizing data science are reporting a major positive impact.

OPTYX, by the team at ChannelEyes, is the first predictive analytics platform that has been purpose-built for indirect channels.

It is focused on winning more deals, improving partner interactions, and driving new levels of Channel Account Manager effectiveness allowing expanded territory coverage. For the Channel Executive, it vastly improves forecasting and drives new levels of measuring and managing indirect sales performance of the organization.




Direct sales model solutions fail to properly consider the partner within the indirect sales model. The complexity of a multi-tier indirect sales process requires a purpose-built platform. Forecasting and predicting winning deals for indirect sales is more difficult and subjective.

Applying business intelligence to channel sales opportunities must be done differently because of Partner(s) involvement.



“After analyzing hundreds of channel sales programs, we’ve found that the Partner has an oversized impact on the sales cycle because they are talking directly to the buyer.  Our algorithms correctly value each Partner organization.”

Dave Geoghegan, Chief Data Scientist, ChannelEyes




A Business Intelligence Platform that leverages data science and machine learning to make your internal channel account managers more productive and help them win more deals.

  • Have more focused conversations with Partners by using:
  • Real-time Partner Alerts
  • Prioritized Action Items
  • Partner Opportunity Predictions + Opportunities at Risk
  • Daily book-of-business Forecasting
  • Channel Health scoring system
  • Improved workflow fully integrated with your CRM system




  1. It starts with your existing Partner dataOPTYX connects to your CRM system (ie. Salesforce) and pulls in your existing Partner data – account details, opportunity records, historical tasks, etc.  And don’t worry about how much data you have or how ‘clean’ you think it is; The platform has been built to compensate for a lack of extensive history or inconsistent use and reporting.
  2. Add thousands of data points – ‘signals’ – from the InternetBy using your Partner account and contact information, OPTYX is able to mine external data like personnel movement, industry news, credit scores, technology updates, mergers and acquisitions and more.  Even information self-reported on your Partner’s own websites is useful!
  3. Apply proven Data Science – specific for Indirect Sales – to increase productivity and predict best actionsOPTYX applies data science and machine learning, specifically built for the complicated, indirect sales model, to provide data-influenced alerts, prioritized action items, daily forecasting, partner opportunity predictions, and more.  We ultimately show your team members not only what they should concentrate on, but what they can most likely influence through those focused efforts.




OPTYX is a data-driven, value-focused solution. It drives immediate benefits out of the gate:

  • Reduce time spent on non-winning opportunities
  • Identify opportunities that are at risk
  • Reduce ‘noisy’ activities across partner accounts
  • Use action items based on positive & negative trends
  • Increase quantity and quality of partner interactions
  • Focused interactions driven by business intelligence
  • Increase accuracy of and simplify pipeline forecasting
  • Quarterly forecasting models, re-forecasted on a daily basis!




“OPTYX helps channel managers win more deals because it leverages data science and machine learning to chart the best course every day.  It’s not a static course based on static reporting or static maps – with OPTYX, you have an interactive map that can redirect your course based on updates and intel coming from any direction.”

Kirt Coonradt, VP of Customer Success, ChannelEyes




The Channel Account Manager version of OPTYX provides the following:

  • Monitors channel partner activity and alerts you to when important things need to be actioned.
  • Predicts which Partner opportunities are going to close allowing you to focus on what’s important.
  • Prioritizes tasks based on sales opportunity, thereby reducing time and noise.
  • Provides pre-built, prioritized agenda items that help guide you on partner calls and onsite visits.
  • Provides standardized reporting for quarterly business reviews.
  • Provides a real workflow system that makes it easier for you to update your CRM.




Does your forecasting process take too long or too much guesswork?

Are you using all the key data signals you can, including detailed account and partner history, individual rep optimism, time, segment and industry?

Can you accurately assess the impact new opportunities have on your pipeline forecast?

Do you have a good handle on all the levers and dials that make your indirect channel successful?

Are you able to accurately plan using the right amount and types of data?

Can you accurately assess the revenue impact of partner organizational changes?

How about financial changes such as credit score?




The Executive version of OPTYX provides the following:

  • Daily channel sales forecasting using dozens of factors including partner history, individual rep optimism, geography, segment and industry.
  • Channel account manager performance broken down by rep, rank, program, product and partner levels.
  • Individual channel account manager and aggregate channel health scores, including the significant factors impacting any fluctuations.



Many Channel organizations have struggled with technology to drive better workflow and behavior. Predictive analytics is changing that. Channel professionals can now better manage and grow their indirect sales organizations.

We now know that predictive analytics work in the real-world. Direct and indirect sellers have been using the technology now for a few years and top-performers are 4X more likely to use analytics.

OPTYX, by the team at ChannelEyes, is the first predictive analytics platform that has been purpose-built for indirect channels – and it is available now. Book a demo here.