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My First 6 Months at ChannelEyes

I’ve never been a very good writer, which is one of the main reasons why I’ve hesitated to start a blog. However, you have to adapt and overcome, learn and take every chance you get to break out of your comfort zone.

I want to start this venture off with a brief overview of my first 6 months at ChannelEyes – – A software development company whose sole passion is to create products and tools that revolutionize the way an organization sells through the channel.

This amazing journey started in December of last year, and I really didn’t know what to expect. ChannelEyes was about to launch a new product to the market which is truthfully the first of its kind. Anyone who has launched a new product to any market, completely understands how nerve racking it is. It’s a completely different ball game then selling a product already established. However, I was ready for the challenge fully knowing that the team behind me was amazing and had been successful at it before.

I’d say the first thing that stood out was the culture. Energetic, laid back, open, funny and friendly. You couldn’t ask for more acceptance on day 1. It’s the little things that matter, like having fresh coffee all day, multiple types of tea and healthy snacks, just to name a few. Culture has always been a big thing for me, not only that everyone is on the same page, but that you as a person are cared about. It’s not just what you can bring to the table. You know you’re home when you can spend 10-12 hours with people and want to go out for drinks afterwards.

Outside of the culture, I have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest people I’ve ever come across……ever. Their overwhelming knowledge of the industry, the leadership talent, the team first company first mindset, it’s amazing. There’s absolutely no doubt, the team at ChannelEyes is at the top of their game.

In December, when I started, we were about 4-5 months out from moving into our new office, ChannelEyes corporate HQ, which is in downtown Troy NY. In a building built in the 1800’s with cool places to eat, coffee shops across the street and the river a few blocks away. We’re now in, we’re comfortable, and I think the foosball table is getting more use than anything else.

OPTYX, our recently released predictive analytics, big data sales productivity tool has hit the market in full force and we couldn’t be more excited. Each and every person that I’ve spoken with gets it. They understand why we’re here and why we’ve created OPTYX. There’s direct sales and in-direct sales (channel sales), and there are loads of tools specifically designed for the direct sales model. The channel was left out. Now you have OPTYX, which puts the powers of analytics, machine learning, predictions and forecasting, and instantaneous customized reporting, in your hands, in the blink of any eye. Impressive huh?

It’s only been 6 months, but as I said previously, I’ve found a home, and I’m looking forward to every step of the future.

Cheers to you and the best year yet!

– Nicolas Molik, ChannelEyes Sales Rep