Artificial Intelligence Arrives to Increase Channel Sales

Many of us watched as IBM Watson defeated Ken Jennings at Jeopardy in 2011. The goal of AI is to have computers start to interact in natural human terms across a range of applications and processes, understanding the questions that humans ask and providing answers that humans can understand, justify, and action.

Last week, Salesforce announced Einstein, delivering AI capabilities to sales, service, and marketing — enabling anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. This was designed for the entire ecosystem to design and use AI to be their best.

One of the first AI enabled apps to launch in the Salesforce ecosystem is ChannelEyes OPTYX™. It provides real-time sales intelligence to Channel Account Managers (CAMs) by analyzing millions of data points, both internally and externally, and determining which partners to talk to and when.


We know that channel sales is all about timing – ensuring your partners influence the customer, right when they are buying.


AI helps CAMs prioritize the “Ws” with their partners

– Which partners to contact
– When to contact them
– What to call them about


Using OPTYX™, CAMs can optimize exactly how they prioritize partner relationships and interactions, to ultimately shorten sales cycles, increase close rates and ensure no balls are dropped on open deals. They will benefit from the full history of other sales successes to that customer, that partner, or that industry.

OPTYX™ pulls in your own CAM’s data, your company’s data, your experience with those partners, and marries your proprietary data with industry learnings and third party signals, to give each CAM the fastest and most sophisticated recommendation of how and when to engage with your partners.

Put simply, it amplifies your CAM’s success.


With OPTYX™, you can say goodbye to:

– Deals lost due to poor timing
– Lost sales planning days
– Sub-optimal call planning
– Partner fatigue
– Ramp up time and learning for new CAMs


OPTYX™ is a notification system direct to CAMs emails, voicemail or text, with the highest priority and impact activities for that individual that day. It continually learns and improves based on the CAM’s response to the systems’ recommendations.

We help your channel account managers build better relationships with their partners, by equipping them with relevant and timely insights, information and calls to action.

Happexchangeow do we do it?

First, OPTYX™ is downloaded from the Salesforce app exchange. ChannelEyes then pulls copies of your Salesforce partner and opportunities data into the OPTYX™ cloud, matches it with data from D&B and other third party sources, and analyze it using sophisticated, heuristic algorithms, to assess:
• Where each customer is in the sales cycle;
• The likely outcome of the opportunity (given customer, industry, product, and competitive factors as well as your CAM’s own experience with that customer or partner);
• The best action a channel account manager can take to progress the prospect through the sales cycle; and
• The optimal timing of the action given the opportunity cost of pursuing one prospect or partner over another.


We then prioritize the actions and deliver them to CAMs through an interactive dashboard, supplemented by actionable email, text and voice notifications.

Continual learning from CAMs responses to the recommendations, including lack of action, drives better predictions in the future.

Why can’t we build this ourselves?

Organization’s internal teams can often build excellent workflow management tools. OPTYX™ helps ensure those workflow tools deliver more ROI, making sure the right prospects are managed in the right order through them. It also monitors open deals, automatically notifying if the deal is at risk, and recommends the specific steps to take to recover a prospect.

OPTYX™ is learning not only from your own organization’s data and the activities that work best for individual CAMs, but also from every transaction in our system. Adapting insights and patterns from millions of data points outside your own systems and customers, and automatically incorporating learned industry best practices into our recommendations.

How long does it take to get up and running?

In a matter of weeks, clients can convert their Salesforce installation from being a tool that stores your sales history and reports on what you did, into a prioritized planning tool that can recommend the best sequence of activities to optimize your own and your organization’s sales outcomes.

Who benefits?

OPTYX™ really shines in supporting channel account managers who manage over 100 opportunities per month. We also provide a comprehensive executive dashboard, giving channel account executives unprecedented visibility into the performance of individual managers or teams. The dashboards enable the executives to more accurately predict the likely revenue outcomes of their teams, and what steps could be taken to improve predicted results.

In today’s competitive business environment, OPTYX™ ensures:
• Your CAMs are automatically armed with sales activity plans that optimize the sales outcomes for your organization; and
• Your channel executives can accurately predict the performance of their teams and sales regions.