Predictive Channel Management

Improving the win rates of each Partner is critical to channel program success. Well-timed communication, at key moments during the buyer’s journey, generates more revenue. OPTYX identifies the most effective action to take on every opportunity. Learn More…

Channel forecasting is a critical challenge in an indirect business. OPTYX provides a proven data-centric model for estimating Partner revenues and closing dates, in turn driving accurate channel forecasts. Learn More…

Proper Partner investment is key to developing a successful channel. OPTYX quantifies the results from these investments, letting you maximize the return from MDF and other Partner programs. Learn More…

Managing the long tail of your Partner community is especially challenging. OPTYX monitors and automates your sales support of these partners, thereby maximizing critical revenue resources and resulting in significant cost savings.  Learn More…

Identifying and supporting high potential Partners is crucial to growing your channel’s capacity. OPTYX identifies Partners who are likely to become significant revenue producers, ensuring they get the level of early support they need. Learn More…

Ready to Drive Better Channel Outcomes with OPTYX?

“Installing OPYTX into our Salesforce system was really easy; it took my system admin less than 10 minutes to complete the installation, and then the ChannelEyes team did everything else from there.  I didn’t need any other internal resources to get me up and running!”

Suzanne Parent
Channel Sales Manager, Veriato
Morris Management Partners

“OPTYX takes the guesswork and ‘how it has always been’ out of managing sales channels, and introduces the power of data science to help set priorities and define the most effective actions. It’s the first tool of its kind designed to put real analytics into the hands of front-line channel managers to increase the productivity of every action.”

Ryan Morris, Principal Consultant
Morris Management Partners
Twelve Leadership Consulting

“In my experience, whenever channel account managers engaged with our partners at the right time, our opportunity win rates increased significantly.”

Ted Cole
Channel Chief & Founder, Twelve Leadership Consulting LLC
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