ChannelEyes is the world’s first indirect sales acceleration platform.

We bring your partner channel and indirect sales team together in new ways to get information faster and take action to drive sales. Start communicating better with partners and enable them with the selling tools they are asking for.

The first of its kind workflow tool for channel managers. Optyx makes it possible to engage with your partners in more productive and meaningful ways.
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The only sales tool built specifically for the channel with everything partners need at their fingertips delivered in a branded, secure and multi-device platform.
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We’re Channel People

It started with highly respected, highly frustrated executives who saw a lack of effective channel tools. There was a surprising lack of innovation in helping partners stay engaged, motivated and sell more.

Tools to help Channel Account Managers were non-existent. Relying on old-school spreadsheets and CRM systems designed for their direct-selling peers, CAMs were stuck doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

ChannelEyes is 100% devoted to indirect sales. It is our passion.

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